Brake ducts increase the air flow to the brake components, keeping all brake components in their proper temperature ranges. While they capture air to cool the discs and calipers, this impacts on cooling, aerodynamic and tyre performance.

The challenge for the system is that during braking, kinetic energy is converted into heat due to friction. In this process, if some of the components cannot dissipate this heat quickly, they tend to overheat and possibly fail.

Material choice plays a large role in providing the required solution. All the Brake Ducts can be manufactured using the High Temperature and the Low Temperature prepreg – see Composites Materials Guide (

The operating temperatures and mechanical loads of the Brake Ducts inlets present an excellent opportunity to use additive manufacturing technologies, as they have complex geometries that would be more challenging to tool and mould. Here is our full AM materials range (3D Printing Materials Guide ( including our market leading Carbon SLS reinforced being the material of choice with its excellent stiffness, strength and higher temp resistance material properties.

Our wealth of knowledge in the design and manufacture of Brake Duct systems, tooling design and resin systems enables us to select the correct material for each component based on specific mechanical, aerodynamic, thermal and packaging requirements.

We have successfully designed complete Brake Duct systems and utilised these technologies and solutions in high-end motorsport endurance environment. We can support the design and manufacture of efficient brake systems with the aim to achieve multiple design objectives and the balancing of aerodynamics and brake cooling.

Brake duct system on the Scuderia Cameron Glickehnhaus (SCG) 007C Le Mans Hypercar (LMH)


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