Struggling to deliver on design and manufacturing?

3D Consultancy is here to help!

As we enter the peak motorsport season there is a big push to complete car design and build.  So, this is a reminder of all the services that we can offer to support your car build programmes.  We can help navigate any pinch points with skilled design and engineering resource ready to deploy, plus development and end use car parts delivered in rapid turnaround.


  • Design and development of composite components;
  • Production of composite components including sustainable materials such as flax composites (refer to our Materials Guide for further information).;
  • Design of composite bodywork and aerodynamic components, including wings and underbody parts;
  • Composite duct and pipework design and production using a variety of techniques, including wash-out tooling;
  • Development of composite laminate procedures and creation of laminate manuals to ensure adherence to the design specification; and
  • Design and production of composite bonding and trim jigs.


  • 3D CAD design of composite and mechanical components;
  • Generation of parametric surfaces for aerodynamic development;
  • 3D Scanning and Reverse Engineering, from individual component to chassis & whole vehicle; and
  • Scan to CAD speciality with industry leading post processing tools enabling quick 3D entity output for designers to work effectively from, right through to full 3D Model delivery in native software of choice (Siemens NX, Catia V5, SolidWorks) with editable feature trees.


Brake ducts DFAM with our advanced composite materials 3D Printing Materials Guide for very low volume and fast car parts or composites, direct tooling design, with lay-up manual/drawings to support conventional moulding processes with pre-pregs Composites Materials Guide .


  • Carbon SLS: High young’s modulus & impact strength, fast turnaround available;
  • Hybrid Carbon PEEK: Novel process combines long-fibre fabrics of carbon with high performance polymer powders to make long fibre composite parts amongst the stiffest, strongest, toughest composites available, more details here
  • ULTEM: Excellent all-round mechanical properties including UL94 V-0 flame retardant;
  • CE221: Excellent temperature & chemical resistance and surface quality. More details here;
  • Metal AM: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Titanium, Copper, Magnesium & Inconel available; and
  • DFAM: Utilising digital design tools to design for additive manufacturing processes and hit production build rate for end use parts, cost targets and save weight & material.

Not only do we provide parts, we also function as a Solutions Consultants sourcing on demand to meet customer requirements.  For example, to achieve fast process, high performance, enhanced surface finish and best part economy.

We do this by selecting from the latest and most advanced technologies and processes available to give our customers exactly what they need across a whole car build even with large variations in specification and materials properties. We call on all manufacturing processes and often going hybrid if the application demands, as for example, delivered in this water thermostat housing shown below

This is a multi-process approach starting with SLM Additive Manufacturing in aluminium AlSi10Mg, then heat treatment, sandblasting, anodising, finishing with CNC machining for precision holes, and threads & groove detailing to get the best quality and performance result for the customer.


The 3D Consultancy are a one stop shop for design, engineering, and production of 3D printed and composite components for motorsport applications.

If you have a technical challenge with very tight deadlines that require exacting specifications and an agile working approach to achieve results, then give us a call on 0203 092 4429 or send us an email or visit our website for more information.