3D CAD Design & Modelling Services

Our product design team uses computer aided design (CAD) and modelling to create computerised models of objects before they are physically produced.

Many different professions and sectors make use of computer-aided design, engineers, architects, and artists utilise computers to assist in their design projects. Computers allow digital information engineers to visualize the designs and confront problems before they have expended any of the resources necessary to put them into a physical form.

CAD modelling takes many different forms depending on the type of project. Some models are simple two-dimensional representations of various views of an object. Others are elaborate three-dimensional cross-sections that show every detail in great depth. Some CAD models are even animated, showing how all of the components of the model work together to complete its function.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and modelling is an important industrial art involved in automotive, aerospace, medical and scientific and artistic designs.


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