Product Design Consultancy

What we do

We help you create new or revised products that can grow your business.  Our Product Design Consultancy supports our clients throughout the whole development cycle or if required we can provide support on key stages where our expertise complements that of our client.  We support clients from project specification to concept design, through technical development, prototyping, testing and manufacture.

Concept Development

Our consultants and associates make up an innovative team using a combination of design knowledge, engineering expertise and problem-solving skills.

Computer aided design

From concept we create a 3D CAD model ready for prototyping and testing.  Where required we can create 3D renders to help with visualisation.

Prototyping and testing

Our industry leading expertise in rapid prototyping and modelling is a key stage in refining specifications to get a final design.  Prototyping can also be key to engaging investors or other stakeholders in the concept and design.

Manufacture and production

We have a large network of manufacturing partners in the UK, Europe and Asia.  We can supply low volume parts to order or project manage the commissioning of larger supply volumes providing ongoing support as required.

Engineering consultancy

We also provide engineering consultancy in product and process development.  This means delivering innovative manufacturing technology and process solutions to clients who are seeking: weight reduction; shorter production runs; high levels of innovation; CAD modelling; rapid prototyping; and concept visualisation.

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