Product Development

Product Development

The scope of our services extends across the design, the manufacture and the use of products. We deliver innovative manufacturing technology, material and process solutions that deliver results to the clients brief. Our activities enable clients to learn, embrace and exploit new technologies, materials and processes.


What is Product Development?

Product Development is the creation of products with different features that offer additional benefits to the customer. It can involve the presentation or modification of an existing product, or an entirely new product that meets the needs of existing or new customers. The 3D Consultancy provide a full spectrum of product development support to clients.

What is New Product Development (NPD)?

New Product Development (NPD) is when a new solution is created or developed to meet a customer’s real or perceived need. It is a complex process with a high rate of failure requiring a good understand of the competitive environment in which the new product will be launched.
The 3D Consultancy provide a full spectrum of new product development support to clients.

What is Product Engineering?

Product engineering is the term which covers the design and development of the many aspects of the product. It involves many steps including consideration of how the product will be manufactured. The 3D Consultancy provides design and manufacturing services to clients.

What are the common stages of the Engineering Design Process?

The common eight stages of the Engineering design Process include: Research; Design requirements; Feasibility; Concept generation; Preliminary design; Detailed design; Design for manufacturability; and Production planning. The 3D Consultancy provides support to clients across all stages of the engineering design process.

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