Agility Team GB

Agility Team GB needed a quick solution that would provide dog collars using magnetic resonance technology for their up and coming European Open and World Championships. To provide a successful solution would require great teamwork with the Agility Team GB  dog handlers, StreamZ Global and The 3D Consultancy

Streamz Global are a UK based business providing a revolutionary magnetic resonance technology within their range of products. StreamZ provide products for the equine (EQU StreamZ) and canine (DOG StreamZ) industries, as well as a human product (YOU StreamZ). However, it has been a new range of smart dog collars which they have been working on with The 3D Consultancy.

The 3D Consultancy’s expertise in 3D printing and material technologies helped the StreamZ product development team to find a suitable material that had the following characteristics: elasticity, durability, good cosmetic finish and economy.

Together StreamZ and The 3D Consultancy successfully provided the dog collars to the Agility Team GB, however the collaborative teamwork did not stop there.

The 3D Consultancy and StreamZ worked closely to redesign the buckle for a full production version of the collar that could go on general sale. This required a significant regime of product development and testing, in which The 3D Consultancy played a key role in terms of their knowledge and quick turnaround of prototype parts, knowledge gained through their significant experience in formula one.

The initial TPE material was subsequently replaced with Nylon as it has excellent stiffness and rigidity, great surface finish @100 microns and the best economy of all available 3D printed options.

StreamZ commented that “thanks to the The 3D Consultancy team, we now have a new range of dog collars that are available through our website and retailers. In fact, the new products have done so well that we have just agreed a major deal with a large pet distributor. None of this would have been possible without the help, knowledge and patience of 3DC working alongside the StreamZ product development team, so we can’t thank them enough!  We now look forward to improving our range alongside The 3D Consultancy and developing new products using the StreamZ magnetic resonance technology.”

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