Parts Supply

We provide turn-key solutions to clients who wish to out-source the many facets of parts supply including reverse engineering, design, prototyping and supply chain management. Your project deadlines and deliverables can be achieved with us ensuring you get the components you need on time, to the right specification, be it for critical tests or to fulfil a batch for a new product launch.

We can supply low volume parts to order or project manage the commissioning of larger supply volumes providing ongoing support as agreed.


What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management covers the full spectrum of operations starting with the materials to be used and encompassing all the stages required to convert that material into a product. Then the subsequent steps in the supply, storage and delivery of the product to point of use.
The 3D Consultancy can provide turn-key solutions tailored to the requirements of clients.

What is Low Volume Manufacturing?

Low-volume manufacturing can be used when a customer requires only a small quantity of a part or when a trial quantity is required before higher volume commences. Low volume manufacturing can help to reduce tooling costs and bring a product to market faster. The 3D Consultancy offer expertise on a wide variety of materials, processes and technologies all as part of scalable solutions that reduces risk and improves cashflow.

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is when following a detailed study of a product, looking at for example its composition and physical features, the required information is collected so that a copy can be made to perform the same function as the original object. 3D scanning is a useful tool in this process.
The 3D Consultancy can provide a full spectrum of support to clients seeking reverse engineering solutions.

What is Rapid Prototype Production?

Rapid prototyping commonly uses 3D printing or additive manufacturing to create objects and involves using computer aided design (CAD) in the process. The 3D Consultancy can provide innovative solutions using their expertise of the technologies, materials and processes.


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