A one-stop shop for design, engineering and production of 3D printed and composite components for Motorsport

The 3D Consultancy is a one stop shop for Motorsport:

  • Composite design and production
    • Design and development of composite components
    • Production of composite components, our large supplier network uses a range of production techniques
    • Design of composite bodywork and aerodynamic components, including wings and underbody parts
    • Composite duct and pipe work design and production using a variety of techniques, including wash-out tooling
    • Development of composite laminate procedures
    • Production of composite laminate manuals
    • Design and production of composite bonding and trim jigs
  • Design engineering
    • 3D CAD design of composite and mechanical components
    • Design of composite duct systems, including brake ducts
    • Generation of parametric surfaces for aerodynamic development
    • Design of wind-tunnel model parts
    • Component and assembly drawing production
  • 3D printed component design and production
    • 3D printing of engineered components using latest production techniques in a multitude of materials
    • Design and engineering of 3D printed components
    • 3D printing material selection
    • Motorsport focussed 3D printed engineering materials, including Carbon filled PA
    • Materials for high temperature applications
    • Flexible materials
    • Class leading performance to cost ratio

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