The main benefits of 3D printing in this field are enhanced modelling phases and cheaper projects.

Sophisticated Models

Architects periodically produce scale models to communicate their visions to colleagues and clients, and 3D printing is a prime technology for this use case. There’s no doubt that, as the technology becomes cheaper and more common, the benefits that 3D printing bring to the architectural modelling process will only increase.

Fast, Efficient Development

Entire homes, liveable and human-sized, are already being 3D printed. Here, the key technology is concrete 3D printing, a process in which large nozzles squirt out your future 2-bedroom bungalow, layer-by-layer. It’s so marvellous, you almost have to see it for yourself to believe it. And to help you visualize how much 3D printing will disrupt construction, we’ve compiled a list of quite a few 3D printed buildings.

The benefit of this new construction technology in developing regions of the world also cannot be understated. Homes that are quick and relatively easy to “manufacture” onsite are immensely helpful for emergency relief efforts and temporary housing demand surges in times of crisis. Some companies are investing heavily in exploring this particular application of 3D printing, with varying degree of success.

Complex Designs to Order

Several fascinating 3D printed homes already exist. Most of their structures, with the exception of the windows and smaller fixtures, of course, were squirted out of a nozzle in semi-liquid form.

In the next couple of decades, expect architects to continue experimenting with this new construction method as the technology becomes more mainstream. Watch out for layer lines in the walls of your next AirBnB…


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