Accelerate Production

Make new fixtures for inspection, production or quality check in hours rather than the days or weeks it takes to machine them.  3D printing lets you iterate quickly to optimize the design.  Printers can build fixtures from small and simple to large and complex using a broad range of versatile materials.

Optimize the Quality Process

Eliminate dimensional errors that accumulate with multi-piece, built-up tools.  3D printing fixtures can be printed as a single piece or in a few parts, ensuring greater accuracy. We can provide a dimensional report to ensure you get the best accuracy.  This provides complete confidence that a 3D printed component fully conforms to tolerance on all surfaces (simple to complex) especially useful with complex surfaces that cannot be measured easily.

3D printed tools and dimensional report1

Reduce the Cost

Avoid the material and lead time cost of traditional machining.  A better alternative is 3D printed tools that can be created whenever they’re needed, for a much lower cost.

3D PRINTING Savings VS Traditional Machining

Our experience shows that the can typically reduce Production Time from two weeks to only two days with a 60% Cost Saving when compared with traditional machining alternatives.

About Us

The 3D Consultancy are an engineering led design and manufacturing consultancy providing technical solutions utilising CAD digital processes, advanced 3D printing/additive manufacturing, and 3D scanning.

If you have a technical challenge with very tight deadlines that require exacting specifications and an agile working approach to achieve results, then give us a call on 0203 092 4429 or send us an email  or visit our website for more information.