The British Asian Trust turns to the 3D Consultancy to solve their events challenge


British Asian Trust logoThe British Asian Trust was founded in 2007 by HRH The Prince of Wales and a group of British Asian business leaders to tackle widespread poverty, inequality and injustice in South Asia.

The 3D Consultancy use the latest advanced digital technologies to help clients plan and visualise their projects.

The British Asian Trust recently engaged the 3D Consultancy to provide layout planning for their major event ‘A Starry Night in the Nilgiri Hills’, the finale event of London’s biggest public environmental art exhibition of the year: CoExistence.

The 3D Consultancy were initially hired to provide layout planning and CAD drawings for the outdoor event to be held in Green Park, London to include covid restrictions compliance.

With the event less than three weeks away and after an initial meeting at the event site an immediate turnround of output was required from the 3D Consultancy.  This enabled a full list of requirements and plans for a variety of different layout scenarios to be shared with the client.

british asian trust

By creating a master CAD model for different seating configurations with social distancing the client could respond quickly to the implication of changing parameters such as number of attendees and changing covid restrictions.  This gave the client quick visual confirmation of what ideas would work, or not.  This enabled the client to work faster to the optimum solution that could then be shared with all stakeholders in the event.

With good progress on planning the main event, the British Asian Trust also requested the 3D Consultancy to work on the dining plans for Lancaster House, London.

British Asian Trust

This was a challenge not only for covid compliance but also working with the venue to plan and come up with layouts that worked within their own rules.  Using the same CAD modelling process the optimum solution and layout was achieved.

As often with events, things can change for a variety reasons with little notice.  This happened and due to use of the CAD modelling technology the further iterations were made in a timely and orderly manner, including switching the main event from Green Park to Lancaster House Gardens.

British Asian Trust

Due to the change in venue a further site meeting was required involving suppliers and contributors for the event.  Using CAD modelling, changes could be made to the plan and layouts in real-time, this enabled all stakeholders to receive updated plans that same day.

With final drawings approved two days before the event all stakeholders shared the same information enabling them to work together in making the event a great success.


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