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The 3D Consultancy have been engaged with InnovationRCA Start-up companies the latest being KnitRegen.  3D Consultancy have been working with KnitRegen to help rapid prototype elements of the KnitRegen technology so that its effectiveness can be tested in the laboratory.

Wearable tech to aid rehabilitation in stroke survivors

KnitRegen is a smart textiles start-up developing patent-pending textile components as a form of wearable physiotherapy and stroke rehabilitation. The ‘components’ combine expertise in technical textiles, neuroscience and material science to provide targeted, continuous limb support through textile structures.

With incidences of first time strokes set to double worldwide in the coming years, delivering effective treatments that are intuitive, easy to use and which fit easily into daily life is a top priority. KnitRegen places a focus on improving the strength training of muscles to support people to regain lost movement after stroke or other neurological conditions. The company also aims to make a wider difference to health and wellbeing in general. This includes helping people who may struggle to meet recommended regimens of exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle, or who are unable to participate due to injury.

KnitRegen founder Laura Salisbury is completing a PhD in Womenswear Design at the RCA. She has worked alongside individuals affected by stroke, their families and friends, clinicians and support workers to develop solutions to enhance their quality of life.


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