Early in 2020 the 3D Consultancy launched a new material to the UK market “Carbon SLS”.

In this Insight we review what the reaction has been to this new material.

So, what is Carbon SLS?
Carbon SLS is a carbon-fibre reinforced material based on polyamide and processed on highly advanced laser-sintering equipment.  Parts made from Carbon SLS can be machined and whilst not always necessary the surface can be refined by grinding, polishing or coating.  This material offers the highest strength and stiffness of reinforced polyamide printed materials.

In what sectors has Carbon SLS been used?
We have seen Carbon SLS used in Motorsports including F1 teams and more generally in Automotive, Medical and Aerospace sectors.

What have been the customers reactions to Carbon SLS?

The most telling reaction to this new material is that ALL 3DC customers who tried this product re-ordered.  Some have already ordered several times in as many months.  3DC Technical Director, Brett Rust commented:

“We have had many favourable comments about this new product.  Customers appreciate its superior characteristics.  They tell us it is at least as good as, and generally better than any alternatives they have used, such as Windform.  Additionally, we have found that due to the very efficient manufacturing process Carbon SLS offers much better value for money than alternatives.”

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